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Safeguarding Children

Pitcairn Island is a British Overseas Territory that had a history of child sexual abuse. Over a decade ago these behaviours resulted in 8 prosecutions and prison, community service or home detention sentences for those convicted.

Since 1999 the Pitcairn Island community and Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) have been working together to educate the community and create a robust child safeguarding framework on Pitcairn. It is regularly reviewed and updated so as to ensure that the British Government and the people of Pitcairn Island will never again lose sight of their priorities and responsibilities.

Child safety on Pitcairn Island is paramount for every Pitcairn Islander and for Her Majesty’s Government.

As such, Pitcairn’s child safeguarding initiatives are underpinned by the LAWS OF PITCAIRN, HENDERSON, DUCIE AND OENO ISLANDS Revised Edition 2014 CHAPTER XLI CHILDREN ORDINANCE

Pitcairn’s child safeguarding initiatives cover both public policy and practice which include, but are not limited to:
  • The GPI Policy for Safeguarding Children on Pitcairn Island (last updated 2015)
  • The Pitcairn Island Child Wellbeing Charter which is available to all visitors to Pitcairn.

Over the past 15 years every member of the community has attended at least one of the many initiatives or interventions on Child Safety held by ‘The Lucy Faithful Foundation’, ‘Child Matters’, the Commonwealth Foundation for Human Rights and a number of others.

Additionally the Island Council has made it compulsory for every elected Pitcairn Island Councillor to participate in a specially designed Child Matters, Child Safety Training workshop. The workshop is designed to guide Councillors in governance decisions relating to Pitcairn’s child safeguarding framework and the wellbeing of the community they serve. The island’s school also addresses child safety and cyber safety as a regular part of the children’s education.

The healing and experience gained by these child safety projects implemented on Pitcairn, are increasingly being recognised as leading the way forward, for many other small communities around the world with similar social legacies.

Pitcairn Islands Council
Approved 12th November 2015